Belle Ball gown ( slightly unfinished)

Pardon the pictures, they were taking late late at night and my lighting blows!

Not insanely period but at least the skirt shape is right. I will be posting better pictures soon, but here is a general run down
The satin fabric is actually a rose print brocade. The background is in yellow satin and the flowers are in matte matching yellow thread.
The underlayer is chiffon over dyed cotton with dagger beads and pearls all over the place.

I got in a rut with this one concerning the bodice but it all worked out. Hoorah!


So now, actually alot has happened.

I got promoted at my day job, to Reservations and Guest Services

 Beauty and the Beast are ready to go into production mode ( starting on Belle's Dresses first) They liked my idea to make it more "period" so I get to do 18th century cuts and Rococo details. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This list of dancing food items has grown as the cast has been expanded, which is well fun to design but puts production into overdrive...practically from the day I start to the day of the show.

 I have moved. 
Why have I moved? The apartment beside us got broken into, the neighbors like to scream till the police come and now..gang involvement. If you have heard anything about the gang MS-13 I don't need to state why we packed up and jumped ship.  I am not waiting around for revenge tactics.  Now my roomate and I have a nice quiet 2 bedroom house with a HUGE yard, lots of trees some of which being Black Walnuts and some Crepe Myrtles.  We have room to plant a garden which is an even bigger plus and to top it all off...the area has a security guard. And not some rent a cop, This man is wide as a bus and comes packing. 



So, while driving home from work and noticing a FOR RENT sign a large and suprizingly important thought hit me in the face like a mack truck.


So, this leaves me with two options

a. Somehow find a new property and move, and also pay for that move in around 1 month
b. stay in this place for another year.

Now, on the outside I could say..Yeah I could stay in this apartment. BUT then there is the water damage...which would require handy men to practically bomb my house. And judging by the past record of said handy men, it will probably be fixed with a load of sticky tape which will just leave the problem for the next guy, and the next, so on and so forth.

So, that leaves me with option a.

shit a brick.

News its been a while.

1. Congrats to Joshma for graduating!
2. I have now been hired on to do Beauty and the Beast for the college I was working before with Hamlet. All costuming responsibilities are mine and man I am scared and excited at the same time.

Thats about it.


Best phrase I have heard in a long time, is John Stewart talking about the order of news stories and what it means when financial news is before anything else, including sex scandals.

" If its stocks before whores, we are poor!"

No shit. 

It has also come to my conclusion that telling the american people that " everything is okay" just pisses us off more. Just tell us " things are fucked up, and they will be that way for a while but we are working on it" I think people would enjoy that, really.
I am also tired of canidates saying that " there will be a great change" and our economy will suddenly rise like the sun and everyone will have healthcare and all will be well, while at the same time peace will spread from the middle eastern nations and the world will become a fucking episode of the Teletubbies.  WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING  WAR! War is ugly, for everyone..and for it to get any better for us we have to take care of this shit  in the middle east and get it done so that our kids will not be living in boxes when they grow up. 
* runs hand down face*
This country can't be a yesman to its people anymore. Why can't we all suck it up and go in together? What happened to the unity in world war 2 when everyone had to give up something? Are we that selfish? 

I will end with a quote from Ze Frank

" Way to go doing your job..jackass"

news stuff, and thats about it.

News: I got the job with the college, horray for blessings! I really have no idea how in the world I will get it done but yes, its a good thing.

Stuff: I am hoping that a war will not break out in latin america, I am still not to clear on why its going on other then that Columbia ( I think?) raided a gorilla army camp in Equador, and Equador and Venezuala are not to keen on it.  My thoughts on this are is that if they start going at it, then we will have riots in our own country and we can't really do anything to help it, which will compact the problem. Also, Columbia has about 250,000 US trained troops. Now, I am sorry...but when did we decide that it was a good idea to important, teach, then export soldiers from other countries?!??! What do we think they are going to do? Make a mass flower picking effort? I am sure there is some agenda behind what the School of the Americas is ( if you don't know what it is, check it out..I am not sure I think its  totally wrong, just assinine on our part) but it is becoming very clear that every country we help when it comes to training in combat or giving weapons to always comes right back around and bites us in the ass, or just continue blowing the hell out eachother and then blame us for giving them the weapons in the first place. How about just sticking to humanitarian efforts and dealing with our own shit for once ehh?

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 Start one of the Hamlet crazyness....
THis is dress one for the queen, I still have a bit to do with it but I am pretty happy with it. The top/short dress was an already made dress from a thrift store that the director gave me to work, yes. Crappy picture but I hope you get the gist.

so some news

Here I am, being a total Californian and eating bread and cheese and sipping on a glass of wine..HAHHA. Okay, for the news.

About a week ago my mom notified me of an add on our local webpage, about a local college needing help with thier Hamlet productoin. I called, the lady was super impressed I actually sounded sane while talking to her and now I am going to be working on the king and queen in a get this...London Punk/Renaissance style play. I get paid 500 dollars for this and I mean, what an opportunity!  I mean, i'm thanking me some God right now because I don 't feel overly excited because when things like this come along. I have a feeling that its a step in my life that I am supposed to take so I am just purely okay with it. I meet up with her tomorrow and this woman has no idea that I am 21. If things go well there is a chance that I will become resident costume woman for that school. Ha..whoa.

Rant, more random then usual

If anyone here who reads this is not pissed off with the uppers of the "art world" go and see " Who the @%^& is Jackson Polluck" ( spelling? Its late..)
I don't think I have ever cursed a television screen out that my whole life.  However, if you are a visual artist..don't see it as it may crush you from trying to enter the art world. Thank heaven their are alot of sensible non-head shoved so far up one's bum and that take art as art, not as some deep information that only they can speak of via years of masters degrees and expertise.

Other news..I am moving in the Spring..may is the due date. Big suprise there
Asheville possibly, its at the top of the list. I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to set up a home base, a place that I can travel from and come back to, a place that I actually treat like a Home rather then just a temporary hotel room.
All I have to do now is come up with 1000-1200 dollars in 5 months. Ha..challenge.

In other other news,  because work was as dead as a dying cactus today I read an entire book on water gardening, I.E  creating small "ponds" in large basins, old bath tubs,  dishes..etc. Very interesting, especially when showing pictures of water gardens in Bangkok with 30 plus large colored ceramic pots  with lotus flowers and water lilies all over the place.

And now cliche: New Years To-dos, between now and May

1. Stop worrying so much and release some stress
2. Paint for no reason at all, create for no reason at all, not for profit just to do.
3. Get L.I.S running
4. Save up 1000, preferably 1200 dollars by end of May
5. Purchase 2 fat gold fish to be named Cranberry and Juice, ( also for tank cleaning a Snail to be named Peters, Or Jenkins)
6. Give more
7. Write again..

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if you look at your reflection, is it all you want it to be?

I seem to be good at giving advice, yet as a friend of mine says we can give others advice till the damn cows come home but for ourselves its like trying to make sense of a chinese newspaper when you have never seen chinese. I lately have been having multiple people point out the obviouse to me concerning some things and yet I just don't seem to get it. Why?
Are matters involving the heart, really render you blind. I mean, damn. I feel something is right, but in my head is wrong, if my head is right then my heart is fucking wrong, and that leaves me with a big royal pile of nothing.
I should not be up this late, I am tired, my nerves are shot, my knees are numb and I just feel a bit shitty.
But, things will turn around, they are already starting too..its just gettting to the turned around part that blows a mile and half.

Heeve ho.